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Jeon – Why are we one of her crazy? ‘Unchanging beauty, amazing’


Jeon, why our fascination with one of her? ‘Unchanging beauty, amazing’

Starring Jeon to maintain a consistent beauty secrets are revealed.
Naturalism cosmetics brand plays as The Face Shop Women are the exclusive model in the Fall TV CF”Jeon ahreussaengtteu Echo – Super Therapy – New World Total Repair Serum – Youth of the Stars”to prevent wrinkles prehistoric side receive God’s eternal youth says a secret. Jeon became the myth of a magical heroine genera in the air the TV CF dotboin Thai Erawan waterfall in the background of September 26th will chwalyoungdwae catching the wave.


“Man, is the goddess?” Lasting beauty choking on

Jeon TV CF konsepteuin”to prevent wrinkling of the Stars”shooting for youth blessed with the parenteral Erawan waterfall in Thailand looked reputable. Emeraldeubit clear the mist of the waterfalls and steaming ahseurayi monghwanjeok mythical and mystical to directing a scene that was perfect. Jeon Ji falls in love with God and gain eternal youth, the role of a beautiful woman has digested a great job.

Grows in the Andean highlands of Peru, Sakae ingki (Sacha Inchi) This one is based on the myth of the fruit in CF Jeon God as a woman fall in love at first sight, while bunhaetda. God I love the beauty of a woman trying to protect the stars of the sky on the ground that simeotgo yeolmaein ate Sakae ingki the immortal beauty of Jeon and won Florida going.

Got along without a clear, transparent, Jeon Ji-wrinkle the skin, and her lean body into a tense time seems consistent geoseureun ppomnaetda hankkeot youth. The color of the white-clad figure with a long dress that was reminiscent of Venus, goddess of beauty. Officials “as a woman in love with God, you’re mistaken, do not worry as the Goddess” said, “If God is actually attracted to looks good,” he pyeonghaetda.

# Aeteuthan emotions and acting, “I really love this look like a man?”

Jeon deopeyiseusyapgwa spot TV CF in the first one with a rich and deep emotional expression, and proficient in the atmosphere around the smoke was overwhelming. Jeon, especially beloved of God, waiting for the smoke aeteuthan expression “you mean I really loved this happened” to have been a self-doubts about is the back door.

Despite more than anything Jeon topmodelimedo to get the best cuts are gone like a cool waterfall to enter into a professional model, as the passion was boyimyeo. Cameras caught conducting shooting coach, “Ms. Jeon products and advertising to 200% understand the concept did not require special instructions,” he “fell in love with this woman delicately elegiac gamjeongseon is alive,” she expressed admiration for the skill.

Jeon, “Sakae ingki fruit in Korea, but take it? I ate every one wants to live forever young and beautiful,” he expressed interest.  Jeon year, “The Face Shop model is TV CF after the first shooting as a woman in love with God just really feel like a goddess” said “deopeyiseusyapyi reintroduced with a new slogan, I’ve heard is preparing a new woman as a model drug a”brand that prides itself on friendly and refined naturalism”I want to express, “he said Testimonials.

source: sidushq

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